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  • Is your pet experiencing discomfort? Try a FREE K-Laser Treatment!
    For a limited time, Averill Animal Hospital is offering a free K-Laser treatment to our patients! If your pet is suffering from arthritis, back pain, chronic pain, woulds, lick granulomas, Read more
  • Lyme Disease In Dogs: What You Need To Know
    What is Lyme Disease? A tick-born disease of dogs and humans caused by the rickettsial organism Borrelia burgdorferiHow is it transmitted? Ixodes ticks are the vector in the United States Read more
  • Reverse Sneezing In Dogs
    Information about reverse, sneezing, a common concern among dog owners. Read more
  • Veterinary Specialists and Why We Refer To Them
    The veterinarians at Averill Animal Hospital are able to perform many routine and advanced diagnostics, surgical procedures, and treatments. Sometime in the course of the diagnosis and treatment of your Read more
  • Emergency Medicine Do's and Don'ts
    1. DON’T Assume Everything is FineThe two most common emergency cases seen by veterinarians are sudden trauma and gastrointestinal issues. With trauma, even if something looks fine on the outside, Read more
  • Important Notes About Wildlife
    We've been getting a lot of calls from people who have found wildlife and want to bring them in for treatment. Here are some important things to know about wildlife:1. Read more
  • Canine and Feline Arthritis Notes
    When veterinarians see older pets, it’s very common for their owner to make comments like “she’s showing her age” or “she’s slowed down a bit.” To me, that always sends Read more
  • The Truth About Pet Foods
    Of all the different issues related to the care of dogs and cats, I think the issue of pet food is plagued with the most misconceptions. Here are some important Read more

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